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David Redmond

Product Development Manager


David Redmond develops and implements a wide range of sports and events travel and hospitality product for both New Zealand and overseas.  Prior to his product development specific role, David was one of our most enthusiastic and keen Account Managers.  He has extensive hotel experience and over 10 years in the travel industry.¨¨An avid supporter of everything sport, David joined the Experience Group team after working closely with us through Rugby World Cup 2011. Always keen to go the extra mile and ensure that the client receives the results they are after, he is a valuable team member who simply gets the job done, on time, every time.


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    Warren Barclay

    Managing Director

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    Philippa Beams

    General Manager

  • David-Redmond

    David Redmond

    Product Development Manager

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    Jonathon Westphal

    Business Development Manager, NI

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    Mel Allan

    Account Manager, Travel

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